Superb Bespoke Tailoring

Ruth Sprenger, one of Vienna’s few female bespoke tailors, specializes in a wide range of gentlemen’s garments, especially classic and historic bespoke suits (business suits, morning coats/cutaways, dinner jackets/tuxedos, dress coats) and separates like jackets, waistcoats as well as overcoats.

She is equally impassioned about women’s tailoring, offering the same superb luxurious bespoke suits as well as Victorian and Edwardian garments. Additionally, she also creates bespoke bridal wear and evening gowns, distinct skirts, blouses and dresses.

All garments are entirely designed, cut and made in-house by Ruth Sprenger herself, at her atelier, located at the Liniengasse 46, 1060 Vienna, Austria. Your garment does not leave her hands, until you take it home with you!

Ruth Sprenger’s Bespoke Service

  • Extensive and exclusive array of sublime Italian and English cloth/fabric (Ermenegildo Zegna, Caccioppoli, Harrisons of Edinburgh, John G. Hardy of London)
  • Initial consultation will include discussing your sartorial tastes and requirements regarding model, fabric, fit - taking into account your lifestyle, personal preferences and bodily measurements
  • Indispensable multiple fittings will ensure that the highest criteria of perfection are being met – taking notes on your build, stance, posture, back and the drop of your shoulders, aiming to accentuate your best features
  • Uncompromising quality during the consecutive stages of the creation process
  • Repairs, alterations and “health check” to ensure the best maintenance of your wardrobe

Ruth Sprenger’s Bespoke Suits share a number of timeless aesthetic features:

  • high, comfortable armholes and a smooth back with no gape at the collar, to ensure ease of movement and comfort
  • a smooth modelling of your jacket’s chest piece, using a full floating linen and horsehair canvas, which will guarantee your jacket’s long life and retaining its excellent fit (so no “fused/glued-front” will ever be applied!)
  • your jacket’s shoulders and hand-set collar will fit smoothly, preventing any kind of tension, creating the sublime wearing comfort
  • the “unconstrained” lapel roll – a majestic fall and curl of the lapel downwards from the break of the collar to the designated button, creating a fluid dimension

All these bespoke characteristics add up to the prefect image of the Gentleman.

The highest demands of a bespoke suit can only be met, because Ruth Sprenger meticulously adheres to the following rules:

  • Choice of the very best cloths, fabrics and linings
  • Creating individual hand-cut paper patterns from scratch for each unique customer – the patterns will be stored exclusively for you
  • Execution of multiple fittings: the 1st basted fitting, the 2nd forward fitting and the 3rd final fitting – the finished suit
  • Superb sartorial craftsmanship at each individual phase of creating your bespoke garment